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tcpdump - Show only http headers

Only the headers tcpdump -A -l -s 0 'tcp port 8088 and (((ip[2:2] - ((ip[0]&0xf)<<2)) - ((tcp[12]&0xf0)>>2)) != 0)' | grep ': ' If you want the request listed as well: tcpdump -A -l -s 0 'tcp port 8088 and (((ip[2:2] - ((ip[0]&0xf)<<2)) - ((tcp[12]&0xf0)>>2)) != 0)' | egrep '(GET|: )'

Ansible - Task executed multiple times due to a Broken Pipe

Why is this a problem? If you are running a command that is non-idempotent, the command will be started over again which may cause a failure in your playbook execution.  Recently I ran into a situation where Ansible was rerunning on a task on a node even though the task was not configured to be retried.  It turns out that the ssh connection will retry actions auto-magically if the ssh connection fails while waiting for the task to execute. Here's how I was able to reproduce the issue.... Environment Setup I started by setting up a fake environment using containers. I have a scale-ssh  project that can be used to launch a set of containers running ssh that can be used to run Ansible against. $ git clone $ cd scale-ssh $ ./ $ cp ~/.ssh/ authorized_keys $ ./ 10 After the containers have launched, we now have an Ansible inventory file that can be used to execute Ansible via SSH to our freshly launc